Will my insurance cover speech therapy? How do I verify this?

The Center for Speech and Language accepts Medicaid and files for all major insurance carriers. If your child has Medicaid, you must receive a referral from your child’s primary care physician for a speech-language evaluation. Once we have received this referral, your evaluation and therapy visits will be fully covered. For all other types of insurance coverage, verification must be obtained through your insurance company. A contact number is usually located on the back of your insurance card. Even if your insurance representative says that the evaluation and services will be covered, this is still frequently dependent upon your specific diagnosis.

Can I just work on this problem at home instead of getting therapy?

First, an evaluation will be conducted to determine if the problem can be addressed at home or whether therapy is required. Home practice is always a part of therapy, but it is usually more effective if a therapist is guiding the process.

Can I watch my family member in therapy?

Although the family member is not usually in the room for therapy, the therapist will discuss results immediately following the session. Materials for home practice are given and reviewed at that time. Your therapist is available for questions at other times, as needed.

How long will it take to correct my/my child’s speech/language issue?

Since everyone is different, no one is able to predict exactly how many sessions or give a specific amount of time that will be needed to remediate an issue. Your therapist will usually be able to talk with you about a time frame, and the therapist will make a recommendation for how many visits will be most beneficial per week. However, many other factors can influence the progress of therapy, including the individual’s maturity level and readiness, missed therapy appointments and consistent home practice.